Decorative Concrete Geneva

Decorative Concrete Geneva

Contact concrete pros from Color Stone Architectural Concrete Finishes and Restoration to learn about the many benefits of decorative concrete in Geneva. We’d love to listen to your project ideas and offer you some insight into how we can achieve your goals using affordable concrete flooring and surface options. Compare the cost of stamped concrete and architecture concrete finishes with the cost of conventional interior and exterior flooring and you’ll quickly see the savings emerge. Use our convenient Chat With Us tool to connect with one of our company representatives right now or call to speak with us in person.

What is Decorative Concrete?

The term decorative concrete is used as a blanket term for many different aesthetic types of concrete flooring for both indoor and outdoor applications. Unlike traditional concrete flooring that is grey in appearance, decorative concrete is available in almost unlimited colors, patterns, and designs; in fact, Color Stone Systems can design your concrete surface to mimic the appearance of stone, brick, wood, tile, and many other materials. Feel free to browse our photo gallery for ideas when planning a project- you’ll be amazed at what our pros can do with concrete!

What Benefits Are Associated With Stamped Concrete?

With stamped concrete, you’ll have access to many different surface appearances, including natural stone, which is typically very expensive. One reason why stamped concrete patios and walkways have become so popular over recent years is due to the fact that weeding is unnecessary. Instead of weeds popping up between stones, bricks, or tiles, you can simply enjoy the look of stone without any of the maintenance; and since stamped concrete doesn’t settle like smaller materials, you won’t have to make repairs down the line.

Increase Curb Appeal- And Property Value!

Affordable decorative concrete in Geneva is an excellent way to see a high return on your investment, both in terms of its visual aspect and as an investment. Nothing stands out as much when guests drive onto your property as a beautiful, well-maintained driveway, walkway, or garden space. Using decorative concrete, you’ll spend less time working on your hardscape areas and more time enjoying your outdoor spaces.

Give Your Home a Wow Factor

Our concrete solutions can create a look that is similar to real slate- at a fraction of the cost, using trowel down slate finish techniques that create a durable decorative finish that is sure to attract attention. Use stamped concrete for patios & walkways when you want a budget-friendly alternative to purchasing costly materials. For inside of your home, we offer custom interior flooring using texture pave and micro-finish methods that are extremely smooth to moderately textured, depending on your goals. Commercial-quality sealants make your new surface ready for low-to-high traffic.

Chat live with our team regarding decorative concrete in Geneva when you have questions or wish to request a quote for your upcoming project. With our custom concrete solutions, you won’t have to sacrifice quality just to save money on your new floor or outdoor surface.

Decorative Concrete Geneva
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Decorative Concrete Geneva
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Decorative Concrete Geneva